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I went to Argentina, and I saw people partying..

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Hi guysss!

Time for another update. Referring to the title, I have been exploring Argentina’s nightlife the past weeks! For those who know me well, you know it was about time…

- If you are related to me and over 50, please skip the next four paragraphs -

First of all I’m continuing with the salsa classes and I am having the time of my life learning more every class and night out. Wednesday nights the teachers all go to a salsa bar and because in the meanwhile they got to know me, they often ask me to dance and they give non-stop instructions. Still my biggest problem in their opinion is my “fear” of being really close and looking them straight in the eyes. I guess it does scare me a little when they pull me so close that only our lips are not touching. Can you imagine?

Last Saturday I went to a disco for the first time. I went with a friend which is a cousin of a friend I have in Belgium, and he introduced me immediately to all of his friends. It’s pretty pathetic but I was so happy to finally meet some girls my age. To be honest, it’s really easy to meet men in Argentina, but to meet girls is another story. So of course I immediately asked them where they go shopping, hahaha! It’s been shopping rehab for me until now, and I’m starting to show withdrawal symptoms... They promised me to take me and we had an amazing night. The disco was pretty big, it had a few different rooms. We even got into the VIP, which normally has a price of €30 (the other areas €6 for girls, €9 for guys). In Argentina you can get anything done just by having a good network. The funny thing was that they were showing video’s of Tomorrowland all night on the decoration screens! Even funnier was the fact that they didn’t play the type of music they play on Tomorrowland. But in my opinion this was better, a mix of commercial house, elektro latino, raggaeton and of course a lot of cumbia! If you don’t know what cumbia is you should definitely look it up, even though maybe it’s a genre you should learn to love.

On Wednesday the same people invited me to a student party they organized to raise money for a school trip. Everything was a bit more informal, even though Argentinean girls always would never go out in jeans it seems, they always look really sexy wearing short skirts or latex leggings and really high heels. I decided not to cooperate on that last one (and probably the other ones either) since I’m obviously always the tallest girl in the bunch. Here goes the best story of the night: at about 5 o’clock in the morning the group decided they wanted to go to the after party in “el infierno”. I didn’t have to work until 14:30 the next day, so of course I didn’t say no. We drove a while and stopped at a gate. I imagined it would have been some other disco or a bar (I think that’s even what they told me) but when I entered it was just an empty parking lot. Until I got inside. Apparently it was a small house with about 3 rooms, with a living room decorated with “infierno” with spacy lights, disco lights, a strippers pole and of course a huge stereo. One of the guy’s parents was obviously tired of hosting parties in their house and bought the guy his own party space. Ain’t that nice. That place probably has a lot of stories…

Funny note about Argentinean nightlife. Supposedly all of the people you meet on a Saturday night out in a bar or disco and who are not with their girl- or boyfriend, should be single. It’s an unspoken rule that on Friday boys and girls spend time with their friends, while Saturday is reserved for their better half. So just in case, you don’t even need to ask the painful question on a Saturday ;)

Besides these parties it’s not all so much fun anymore, I am working 9 to 10 hours a day right now to be able to travel at the end of May, and I’m just dead at the end of my shift. During my extra hours I’m contacting partner B&B, boutique hotels, guest houses and hostels. First I had to call all of them, which was a very scary thing. I notice my Spanish is getting a lot better, even though I am starting to use the Argentinean dialect (obvioooo), but to try to convince other companies to start a business relation with you in a 4th language, damn. It was a bit stressy. Anyway, in the meanwhile some meetings are scheduled for next week. The intention is that these accommodations are going to sell our tours (commission system) and that we can recommend each other to our clients.

Katrien is back!! It’s only for a few days, but I was so happy after work yesterday having a drink on a terrace in the sunshine which still hasn’t faded. It’s supposed to be an end of October temperature, but it’s still better than Belgian summer! After we had dinner we went to the Irish pub with another 2 Belgian girls and a Swedish girl who lives with Katrien and Claudia for the moment. Really fun to talk to the Belgian girls, they have been travelling for 4 months now. I can’t imagine how it must be. Well, it must be amazing seeing so many beautiful things, but also being away from home for such a long time? I think for me it’s different, because now I have kind of a home here. Even though of course I miss so many things from Belgium. Especially the food. It happened to me more than once I ate a piece of chocolate (most important element in the food chain) and threw it away because it was just that disgusting. Can you imagine? I know.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a hike with Katrien and a couple who live in Brussels. AY, I will need to speak French the entire time. My French is horrrrrrrible now. Can’t even say one complete sentence without using a Spanish word. Ahhh! This brings me to my evaluation! It was really really good, I got an 80%!

Un beso grande,


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